How To Earn Bitcoins and Altcoins With Your Twitter, Facebook & Other Social Media Account

Hi guys, it came to my mind that most people have no idea how they can earn Bitcoin and other Altcoins using their social media platform. I had a chat with someone recently on twitter, who has over 20,000 twitter followers and have no idea how to use it to earn. Quite surprising! I have only about 5,000 followers all together and I am earning something very tangible each day. So, I thought it would not be nice keeping this information as that is what we are all here for. To share knowledge, experiences ... right?

As time goes on, I will be sharing other ways you can also earn Bitcoins with ease, so stay tuned. That being said, sit back, relax with your cup of coffee in your hand and let's roll!

First and foremost, it is best to know that if you have less than 500 followers, this may not really pay you much and most platforms always request for users with 500 real followers and above. So, if you have less followers, it is best you start building as soon as possible (Real followers and not fake - Don't ever buy followers!). It is imperative to know that, the more REAL FOLLOWERS you have, the better and the more you earn. To check the number of your real twitter followers, please visit

The platform I am going to be talking about here is Bitcointalk is a forum created by the boss, Satoshi Nakomoto himself (the bitcoin inventor) in 2009 for users of bitcoin to relate and share ways to move forward. Don't try looking for his account, it has been inactive for a long time.

Over time, this forum has not only created an avenue for users to interact and learn about bitcoin and other issues, but also as a way to earn bitcoins from different campaigns. I also earned my first satoshi here from a signature campaign.

To get started;

  • Please note that this forum has rules, over time I will advise you to learn and adhere to this rules so you don't get a RED TRUST account. Those who are familiar knows exactly what I am talking about.
  • You will be starting as a newbie and it will take few days to build the account to at least become a solid member of the forum (Newbie - Junior Member - Member - Full Member - Senior Member - Hero - Legendary - Staff). This membership ranks are mostly relevant for signature campaigns, cause the higher your rank, the better the pay! Some bounties accept newbies, so you may be lucky to have yourself a free ride. For social media campaigns and bounties, your twitter account followers is what counts mostly. Don't worry, it isn't hard to understand how the forum works. (WATCH OUT AS I WILL BE WRITING ON HOW TO EARN FROM SIGNATURE CAMPAIGNS WITH GUIDELINES NEXT).
  • Once you are very familiar with the forum and the necessary rules, and you have been able to at least meet the average requirement of all bounty campaign owners; you can visit the following thread;

EARNINGS IN OTHER ALTCOINS (most especially ETH, WAVE and new ICO Tokens) -
  • Read the rules of each campaign and you should be fine.
  • Keep earning for as long as you want.

I believe with this, those who have had their followers sleeping in their account for a long time, can now put them to good use. Let me know if this was able to help and please don't forget to share.

If you also have other ways to earn easily with your social media platform (Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc), please do not hesitate to share in the comment section below. You could be helping even me too as I am not above learning!

I will be sharing on how to earn from signature campaign next.

Cheers and happy earning!

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