Bad Rabbit, Another Massive Ransomware Attack

This is to inform our readers to stay secured as there is another ransomware attack called Bad Rabbit on the rise. This is the third attack after Wannacry and Petya that caused a huge loss last year after hackers requested for ransom in bitcoin to get the systems of the affected ones decrypted.

This times, Bad Rabbit ransomware according to 360 security, has already infected several major Russian media outlets, Odessa International airport in Ukraine, and numerous computers in Europe and currently breaking out in the United States.

It has been known to disguise itself as a fake Adobe Flash installer. Once you click on it and it installs, then your system gets infected, all of your data would be locked, and the attacker demands around $280 (0.05 bitcoin) from each victim.

We advise anyone to stay away from any unknown link, via email, website or any other means and also get your system secured with a very good antivirus and we recommend Kaspersky, Norton or 360 Total Security. It is also advisable for you to do a full virus scan as well as backup your important files so you do not stand a risk of losing them in case you get attacked.

Stay safe and kindly share for everyone to see!

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