11 Year Old Boy Writes A Book On Bitcoin For Kids to Easily Understand

Andrew Courey, an 11 year old, middle school student in Massachusetts, recently published a 57-page book on bitcoin. He is a sixth grader, but unlike most children his age, he's an expert on bitcoin.

At this young age, Courey published a book, "Early Bird Gets The Bitcoin: The Ultimate Guide To Everything About Bitcoin," which according to CNBC, he self-published for the Amazon Kindle in January. The e-book sells for $2.99, and the paper copy, just released, costs $9.99.

Courey is a very smart kid who also is the son of a tech investor. He is a great lover of mathematics enjoys tinkering with mobile apps and frequently comes up with business ideas. At one of his recent basketball games, while upset with a foul call, he walked over to his dad on the sidelines and suggested creating the "Glassdoor for referees" — a website for grading officials.

This young chap last year was looking for investment opportunities as part of an ambitious plan to earn $20 million by the age of 14, and enable him to drop out of school, according to an agreement with his parents. He therefore came across bitcoin and began reading stories and watching YouTube videos about miners and early investors who had made a lot of money from the digital currency.

His dad, Jeff Courey, after noticing his son was looking for sources of passive income, convinced him to write and sell a book that could put all his research to good use and simplify the many complex ideas around bitcoin and blockchain.

Andrew in his book mentioned; "Anyone can learn about cryptocurrencies if they're willing to spend 70 to 80 hours researching every source until they find a couple sources that make sense," and he was able to make the whole book simple, very easy to read and understand."

It seems the younger generations are beginning to see what the older generation who calls themselves economist could not even see.

Source: CNBC

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