Removal of Dogecoin from Exodus Wallet

I have been a user of Exodus wallet for a while and I must say they have been doing a very good job. Kudos! Thought I should declare my love first.
From the latest update from @jprichardson, one of the brains behind exodus, decision has been made to remove Dogecoin because of missing public Insight updates and continuous developer community involvement. Here is a quote from @jprichardson on reddit.

Today, Exodus is announcing the removal of Dogecoin support from Exodus. Although we love the Dogecoin community and ever have since I posted one of our first beta announcements 1-year ago (/r/dogecoin/comments/3wewdi/test_new_wallet_with_shapeshift_and_doge_support/), the development seems to have gone stale with not many updates to key components we need. The last release of Dogecoin core was in Nov of 2015.

Unfortunately Exodus is built on support from public Insight servers and Dogecoin does not have the latest updates to Insight. We have asked around and it does not seem this is going to happen anytime soon.

The good news is our friends at Jaxx ( now support Dogecoin on all platforms that Exodus supports and much, much more. We are now recommending all users of Dogecoin to send Dogecoin out of Exodus to Jaxx. Here's how you can easily do it:

Dogecoin has been disabled by default with this most recent release of Exodus (1.29.0). For those who do not have Dogecoin assets in Exodus, it will not be possible to enable Dogecoin support after the release on Aug 3rd. For those who do have Dogecoin assets inside of Exodus, releases on and after Sept 14th will no longer include Dogecoin support. You can still continue to use Dogecoin inside of Exodus after Sept 14th, but you'll be stuck using an older version of Exodus.

Recap of Exodus Releases Timeline:
  • July 6th: Exodus 1.29.0, Dogecoin disabled by default. Still possible to reenable.
  • Aug 3rd: Exodus 1.31.0, Dogecoin removed for users without a balance.
  • Sept 14th: Exodus 1.34.0, Dogecoin removed in this version and all future versions.
  • Note, after Sept 14th, Dogecoin will still work in older versions of Exodus!
We realize this will come off as a gut punch to many of you who revere Dogecoin so much. We're truly sorry it's come to this. We sincerely appreciate and thank you as a community for being so supportive over the months.

I think this is a huge blow to dogecoin, not the first time anyway as I have seen so many people referring to it as a joke coin. Nevertheless, what is your take on this development?

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