Bitshifer, A New Ransoware On The Loose! Be Careful!!

It came to my attentiom today that there is a new ransomware on the loose and I thought i should let the steem community know about it in case they haven't.

It has been reported by the malware hunter team that a new and very dangerous malware called bitshifter is out for blood. Usually, malwares are known to lock your computer, encrypt your files, and demand a Bitcoin payment but this one will not only do that but will steal your cryptocurrency information and data instead.

It is unknown yet how this malware operates or how it creeps in, or distributed but the strain was discovered this week. Although, according to, it appears bitshifter uses a websocket connection to communicate with a command and control server though it has not been officially confirmed yet.

This is just to inform everyone to be careful as this malware will definitely pose a great threat to cryptocurrency users as it is out to steal your digital assets.

Make sure you back up your funds and if you have a lot in a hot storage, try moving them into a cold storage. I wish you guys the best and please share so everyone can be at alert.

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