ZKasino's Bold Move: 72-Hour Window to Reclaim Lost Crypto Funds


In a surprising twist, the beleaguered crypto gambling platform ZKasino has reemerged, announcing a brief 72-hour window for investors to reclaim their stolen funds. This follows a scandal where the platform was accused of defrauding investors out of $33 million, leaving the crypto community in an uproar.

ZKasino's Refund Initiative

On Tuesday, ZKasino's founder, Derivatives Ape, revealed the details of the refund process, allowing affected investors until Friday, May 31, at 14:00 UTC to reclaim their funds. Investors who decide not to convert their ZKAS tokens can follow a straightforward two-step process to bridge back their Ether (ETH). This involves depositing the initial batch of ZKAS bridge rewards into a smart contract controlled by ZKasino.

However, by signing up for this process, investors will forfeit the remaining 14 months of ZKAS token releases. The ability to sign up will end after the May 31 deadline, and ZKAS deposits will be halted. Once the sign-up and data-gathering phases are completed, the claim portal will open, allowing investors to retrieve their ETH at a 1:1 ratio from a new, audited bridge contract on the Ethereum Mainnet.

Community Skepticism and Concerns

The announcement, made via the founder's X (formerly Twitter) account instead of official channels, was met with widespread skepticism. ZKasino's official X account has been silent since April when the rug-pull allegations emerged, leading many to question the legitimacy of the refund process.

Community reactions have been overwhelmingly negative, with deep distrust towards the platform and its founder. Some investors fear that the refund process could be another scam. One user expressed a common sentiment: "I don’t trust this… maybe you have a plan to drain our wallet… just send our ETH back." Additionally, technical issues have further fueled doubts, as many users have struggled to connect their wallets or complete the sign-up process.

Legal and Operational Controversies

The skepticism is not without basis. Dutch authorities recently detained a 26-year-old man in connection with ZKasino's alleged rug-pull. The platform's bridge, crucial for processing refunds, has been frequently inaccessible due to "maintenance," raising further concerns. The founder, believed to be the individual arrested, has continued to provide updates through his X account, denying allegations and accusing entities like Binance and the Fiscal Information and Investigation Service of the Netherlands (FIOD) of spreading misinformation.

Despite these assurances, the founder’s involvement in other dubious projects, such as the rival crypto exchange ZigZag and the DeFi protocol Syncus, has further damaged trust. His claims that the project's ETH is safe in ZKasino's multisig wallet have done little to alleviate investor fears.


ZKasino's attempt to refund investors may be too little, too late for many, who view it as a desperate move by a platform that has lost all credibility. The crypto community remains wary, calling for greater transparency and accountability in the industry to prevent such incidents in the future.

This episode serves as a stark reminder of the risks inherent in the crypto space, emphasizing the need for due diligence and caution when dealing with nascent and often unregulated platforms. As ZKasino's saga continues to unfold, it remains to be seen whether the refund process will proceed smoothly or if it will only deepen the community's distrust.

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