Bitcoin Will Hit $20,000 Within Three Years - Ronnie Moas Predicts

Ronnie Moas, a Standpoint Research founder and analyst, fore casted that Bitcoin will reach a value of about $20,000 by late 2020. So far, with the current level of bitcoin and its upward trend, which is still hovering around $4,500, Bitcoin has now been estimated to be worth about 3 ounces of gold.

In case you do not know him much, he predicted 1987 Stock Market Crash and he has predicted around July that Bitcoin will reach $5,000 in few months time and Ethereum will double this year.

He also mentioned that the total market capitalization of all virtual currencies will escalate from $150 billion we have today to $2 trillion in the next 10 years comparing the exceptional performance of the digital currency market to the “dot-com boom” of the 1990s.

I am not any more concerned with Bitcoin being at a record high than Amazon or Google investors were concerned when those share prices jumped hundreds of percent and hit $100 and $200 many years ago. Today, both of those stocks are above $900. The question is not where we are at — it is where are we going? I do not think we are in a bubble.
Do you guys see any possibility of this happening?

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