Bitpay Wallet Adds Coinbase and Glidera Integration for In-app Bitcoin Purchases

Bitcoin-based startup Bitpay just announced the company’s Bitpay wallet will now feature in-app exchange services so users can purchase bitcoin through Coinbase or Glidera and hold the funds within a non-custodial wallet.

For a while now, few wallet companies like the Blockchain wallet, Airbitz, Breadwallet, and a few others have added in-app bitcoin purchasing and selling. Now Bitpay is joining this group as the company has announced Coinbase and Glidera integration from within the Bitpay wallet. This means Bitpay wallet users can add to their wallet balances directly from in-app exchange connections.

“The Bitpay app, gives you full control of your bitcoin’s private keys — Only you have access to your funds,” explains Bitpay’s announcement.

Bitpay’s wallet exchange integrations offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of buying bitcoin on an online exchange combined with the hardened security of a true bitcoin wallet.

To integrate this feature for Coinbase customers: users sign into their Coinbase accounts and go to the “next steps” section in the Bitpay wallet and choose “buy or sell bitcoin.” From there the user chooses “Coinbase” (or Glidera) and signs into their account from inside the app. After entering the two-factor authentication, Coinbase users must “authorize” the Bitpay wallet to access their Coinbase account and review the app’s permissions. Once the app has authorization, Bitpay wallet users can then purchase and sell bitcoin using these exchanges.

Even though non-custodial wallets are secure, Bitpay says that the problem with most of them is they don’t offer a simple way to buy bitcoin from within the interface. The company thinks it’s only natural to allow users to add to their wallet balances directly from in-app exchange connections.


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