About Us

Welcome to HMCryptogear, No. 1 site delivering crypto related news articles, resources to help you understand the Cryptocurrency ecosystem, interviews and other information on legitimate ways to earn cryptocurrencies, most especially Bitcoin.

With so much innovations going on in the field of cryptocurrencies, our goal is to always share brilliant start-ups and projects within the Bitcoin community and also information about other popular Altcoins or those with huge prospects.

We have also been able to come up with strategies of building a huge team by giving a very high referral bonus back on legitimate investments.

We don't take part in "link-baiting" or news sensationalism. We do our best to report the news as it seems to be, and make adjustments where and when fitting. We likewise make it a point to give sources, so you can do extra perusing if you wish to.

We do not endorse using Bitcoin for the use of any illegal activities, and we take no responsibility for your actions in any form as a result of reading what has been posted on HMCryptogear.com. In as much as we always try our best to give you accurate findings, we advise you to always use your best judgement and make more findings if possible!
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