Thailand Joins Global Trend with First Bitcoin ETF Approval


Thailand has taken a significant step towards embracing regulated cryptocurrency investments by approving its first spot Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This landmark decision, made by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), signals a progressive shift in the country's financial landscape, aligning it with global trends in digital asset investments.

The Launch of ONE Bitcoin ETF Fund

The Thai SEC has given the green light to asset manager One Asset Management (ONEAM) to introduce the Bitcoin ETF. The ONE Bitcoin ETF Fund is set to open for subscription from May 31 to June 6. According to the SEC's regulations, this ETF will cater exclusively to wealthy and institutional investors, following recent amendments in local guidelines to permit Bitcoin ETFs targeting professional investors.

ONEAM plans to invest the fund in 11 major global Bitcoin funds, ensuring robust liquidity and security. By offering exposure to Bitcoin within a regulated framework, the ETF aims to mitigate risks such as theft, which are commonly associated with direct ownership of the cryptocurrency.

A Step Towards Broader Adoption

While ONEAM has secured approval, MFC Asset Management, another Thai firm, is still awaiting regulatory clearance for its own Bitcoin ETF product. Both offerings will be private, targeting only qualified investors. This move by Thailand mirrors actions taken by the US SEC, which approved several Bitcoin ETFs in January, triggering a wave of interest and similar approvals in other jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Australia, and the UK.

The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs provides professional investors and institutions with a streamlined, regulated way to gain exposure to Bitcoin's price movements without the need to handle the cryptocurrency directly. This development caters to the investment preferences of these groups, offering a safer and more convenient investment vehicle.

Implications for the Thai Market

By approving a Bitcoin ETF, Thailand's regulators are responding to the growing demand from local institutions to include Bitcoin in their investment portfolios. This move is expected to pave the way for broader mainstream adoption, potentially leading to public offerings in the future. The approval marks a significant milestone in Thailand's financial sector, demonstrating the country's commitment to integrating digital assets into its regulated investment landscape.


Thailand's approval of its first Bitcoin ETF underscores a pivotal moment in the country's approach to cryptocurrency investments. By aligning with global trends and providing a regulated framework for Bitcoin exposure, Thailand is setting the stage for increased institutional participation and potentially broader market adoption. As more investors seek secure and regulated ways to invest in digital assets, Thailand's move could herald a new era of growth and innovation in the country's financial markets.

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