Fidelity Executive Recommends Small Bitcoin Allocation for Investors


Matt Horne Advocates 1-5% Bitcoin Portfolio Allocation

Matt Horne, head of digital asset strategies at Fidelity Investments, advises investors to allocate a modest portion of their portfolios—ranging from 1% to 5%—to Bitcoin. In a recent CNBC report dated June 4, Horne addressed the "analysis paralysis" that often plagues traditional investors and asset managers when contemplating investments in Bitcoin and the broader digital asset market.

Mitigating Risk While Embracing Potential Gains

Horne emphasized that even a small allocation to Bitcoin could be beneficial. This approach helps mitigate risks if Bitcoin's value were to plummet to zero while still offering the potential for significant gains. Additionally, Bitcoin can serve as an effective hedge against inflation. Horne highlighted the importance of understanding blockchain technology's potential and adapting investment strategies accordingly.

Rising Institutional Interest

Horne’s recommendations reflect the growing institutional interest in Bitcoin. This surge in interest has been fueled by the introduction of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the United States in January 2024, which pushed Bitcoin's price above $70,000 per coin.

Significant Inflows into Bitcoin Funds

According to the latest Coinshares Digital Asset Fund Flows report, Bitcoin funds experienced $148 million in inflows during the last week of May, with nearly $2 billion in inflows for the entire month. Since the beginning of 2024, Bitcoin funds and exchange-traded products have attracted over $14 billion in inflows.

The report also noted $12.3 million in outflows from short Bitcoin funds for May, indicating a bullish sentiment in the ETF and ETP markets for Bitcoin. Additionally, over $74 billion is currently invested in Bitcoin worldwide.

Strategic Investment for Risk Management

While institutional investors are increasingly focusing on Bitcoin and other crypto assets, Horne’s recommendation to allocate just 1% of portfolios to Bitcoin may be particularly prudent at this time. This strategy allows investors to benefit from the growth potential of this new-age asset while minimizing associated risks.


Fidelity's Matt Horne's advice to allocate a small portion of investment portfolios to Bitcoin underscores the growing acceptance and strategic consideration of digital assets in traditional finance. By allocating 1% to 5% of portfolios to Bitcoin, investors can hedge against inflation, capitalize on potential gains, and navigate the evolving landscape of digital assets with reduced risk.

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