Telegram Switches to WOT Global for Enhanced Crypto Wallet Services


Telegram, the popular online messaging app, has announced a significant shift in its crypto wallet service provider, transitioning to WOT Global Solution LTD as of May 30. This change is aimed at improving user experience and aligning with enhanced regulatory compliance measures.

Enhanced KYC Requirements and User Options

With this transition, Telegram users will need to provide additional Know Your Customer (KYC) information, including names, birthdates, and phone numbers. Acceptance of the new terms and conditions, which include data transfer agreements, is mandatory for continued use of the crypto wallet services. Users uncomfortable with these changes have the option to withdraw their funds and delete their wallet accounts.

Catalyzing Crypto Adoption

Telegram’s integration of blockchain technology has significantly boosted interest in cryptocurrency within its platform. The company’s Open Network has seen substantial engagement, with deposits surpassing $319 million and an increasing number of wallet users.

Gaming and Crypto Integration

The platform’s embrace of blockchain extends to its gaming ecosystem, which has driven substantial user engagement. For instance, Hamster Kombat, a game on Telegram, has attracted 8 million users. Similarly, Notcoin offers crypto rewards for completing various tasks, further integrating cryptocurrency into everyday activities on the platform.

Analysts' Perspectives

Analysts believe that these initiatives could play a crucial role in facilitating broader crypto adoption. By embedding cryptocurrency functionalities into popular applications and games, Telegram is positioning itself as a significant player in the crypto ecosystem, potentially paving the way for increased user adoption and mainstream acceptance of digital currencies.


Telegram’s switch to WOT Global Solution LTD for its crypto wallet services marks a strategic move to enhance user experience and comply with regulatory standards. This transition, coupled with the platform’s robust engagement in blockchain technology and gaming, underscores Telegram’s commitment to fostering crypto adoption. As users navigate these changes, Telegram continues to integrate innovative solutions that align with the evolving digital landscape.

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