Bitcoin’s Growing Correlation with Gold: What It Means for Investors


Recent data highlights an intriguing trend: the relationship between Bitcoin and Gold is deepening, with their 1-year rolling correlation reaching an impressive 0.97 as of May 27, 2024, according to Longtermtrends. This evolving dynamic has significant implications for investors and the broader financial market.

Understanding Correlation: Bitcoin and Gold

Correlation measures how closely the prices of two assets move in relation to each other. A positive correlation indicates that the assets move in the same direction, while a negative correlation means they move in opposite directions. A correlation of 1 implies perfect positive correlation, -1 indicates perfect negative correlation, and 0 suggests no correlation at all.

Current Trends in Bitcoin-Gold Correlation

In a recent analysis by Kaiko, the trend in the correlation between Bitcoin and Gold has shown a notable shift. At the end of 2023, the correlation had dipped into negative territory, indicating that the two assets were moving in opposite directions. However, recent data from Longtermtrends shows that the 1-year rolling correlation has surged to 0.97, signaling a nearly perfect positive relationship between Bitcoin and Gold.

This dramatic rise in correlation suggests that Bitcoin and Gold have been moving almost in lockstep, reflecting a significant alignment in their price movements.

Implications for Investors

The correlation between Bitcoin and Gold is a crucial factor for investors to consider when building their portfolios. High correlation between assets can limit diversification, as correlated assets tend to move together, reducing the potential benefits of spreading risk.

With the correlation now at 0.97, Bitcoin and Gold are highly correlated. This means that holding both assets may not provide the diversification benefits that investors seek. Instead, the performance of one asset is likely to mirror the performance of the other, making them less effective as separate hedges against market volatility.

The Bigger Picture

The rising correlation between Bitcoin and Gold reflects broader trends in the financial markets. Both assets are often seen as stores of value, particularly in times of economic uncertainty. The alignment of their price movements suggests that investors are increasingly viewing Bitcoin as a digital equivalent of Gold, especially in turbulent economic conditions.


The increasing correlation between Bitcoin and Gold is a noteworthy development for investors. With the correlation now at an impressive 0.97, the two assets are moving almost in tandem, limiting their potential for diversification. Investors should consider this close relationship when making portfolio decisions and stay informed about ongoing market dynamics.

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