Top 3 Platforms to Work and Earn Bitcoins Online

There are lot of people with skills to offer and would love to earn bitcoins OR employers with jobs to execute, looking for skillful freelancers but have no idea how or where to achieve this. The good news is there are available options and platforms to accomplish this and due to the several recent emails received by HMCryptogear to review some of the best platforms to land a good gig easily for bitcoin, we will be discussing the top three sites out there you can start utilizing.

Please note our review of each platform is based on our research of their features, tools, usability, fees, prospects and quick opportunities in landing a gig.

1. WORKINGFORBITCOINS.COM is the top platform on on our list as a result of its great tools, features and opportunity in landing a gig quickly. It is a new platform that was developed in 2017 and since its release, it has shown sign of quick growth, prospects for freelancers and inbuilt tools that makes conducting business between employer and freelancers smooth. Either as an Article writer, website designer, software developer, data entry specialist, manufacturer, accountant, legal adviser etc, this platform covers majority of specialty areas and will enable you get to work as soon as possible.

Furthermore, you decide how you want to pay or get paid as an employer or freelancer respectively, since the platform offers direct P2P payment system with an ongoing development to integrate other Altcoins. With this, both the employer and freelancer can decide to agree on a benchmark system that ensures the employer does not send out too much funds without evidence of work OR the freelancer doing too much work without some compensation (for huge and long tasks), thereby ensuring a WIN-WIN situation.

There is also a rating level for every business conducted which is applicable to both employer and freelancers. This helps filter out high rated employers and freelancers from the lower ones based on past businesses conducted. This rating system will definitely help an employer or freelancer in making decisions fast on who they would prefer to do business with.

Lastly, does not require any commission fee from freelancers, while employers/job posters are only charged a very low one time fee based on their budget. There are other numerous tools within the platform that makes completing a gig easier and communication between employer/freelancer faster, therefore, using this platform either as a freelancer or a job poster is magnificent and most especially from my experience, early adopters of a new platform always have huge advantage than laggards.


On, you can also land yourself different kind of gigs most especially jobs related to graphic designing, programming, content creation and translation. Bitcoin is the only means of payment here and the platform also provides freelancers and employers a good alternative to settle contracts. Freelancers can establish milestones of set prices with employers which is then included in the payment process and released based on consistent feedback from both the employer and freelancer.

However, upwork executes an escrow services, and freelancers are charged commission and withdrawal fees, though negligible.

This platform has been exisiting for a while and competition for jobs here may be high most especially if you are a newly registered member but you may be lucky to land yourself a job fast if you have a good portfolio.


Bitcoinjobs is a free service which was launched in 2013 to connect Employers and Job Seekers who prefers payment in digital currency. The jobs on Coinality can be from one-time to full-time, payments are in Bitcoin, Litecoin or Dogecoin and negotiations are done independently between the employer and job-seeker.

Bitcoinjobs is more or less like a job board and a huge number of jobs listed on the platform are techincal/I.T related and if you are lucky with great skills, you can land yourself a permanent full-time dream job like most people have. As a job seeker, it is necessary you submit your resume just as any other job board and apply for a job you feel is related to your skill when the vacancy opens up. 

So far, over 14,000 jobs and 700 resumes have been posted and some of the jobs may require you to apply on an external site. However, you still need to be careful on how you handle jobs as some job posters may be dubious. Although, according to the website;

"All submitted jobs are reviewed by humans of reasonably sound judgement to ensure that all jobs posted on Bitcoinjobs are real opportunities."

There are large number of freelancing websites on the net, but the top 3 platforms mentioned above will give you a good chance to get started soon with ease.

If you feel we missed any freelance website with payment in Bitcoins option, and can also be a part of the top platforms mentioned above, please let us know in the comments below and we will gladly review it.

Good luck earning!

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