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Ok! Today I am going to be writing a review on Trade Coin Club, a platform where you can earn a whole lot from trading without the knowledge or skill of trading. How cool is that? But before I start, I will like you to know that we offer 55% of the Referral Bonus back to you from your first investment if you register under us. Absolutely, you have a lot to gain and nothing to loose but we have our reputation to loose if we don't give you back as we said, so no need to fear. We will surely give you!

Alright, that being said. Let's ride!
  • Status: Paying
  • Payment Method: Bitcoin
  • Minimum Deposit: 0.25 BTC + 0.05 BTC Fee
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001 BTC
  • Referral Commission: 10% Direct Commission, Binary commissions and Unilevel Commissions
  • We offer you 55% referral bonus back on your first investment.
  • We also give you an explicit PDF guide as your sponsor.

First and foremost, this review is for everyone. Whether you know a lot about bitcoin and have great Trading knowledge OR You know about bitcoin but no trading knowledge OR you have no idea about this two. For the last category of people I have mentioned, there are lot of resources on the web and you can view and read more about bitcoin before you continue here so we don't get you lost. For newbies, you can visit HERE to have great idea of what bitcoin is.

What Is Trade Coin Club?

Trade Coin Club is a Special Trading Software that gives you the opportunity to earn daily from auto-trading. The software is specialized to auto-trade for you 24hours and 5 days a week, excluding weekends, which enables you to continue with your daily activities without the stress of having to trade yourself. This Software has been tested by us and very good with an average profit of 0.95% daily. (usually within the range of 0.5% - 1.4% or more) depending on the market for that day with an auto stop loss button to protect your asset.

Now, this does not come free but with a fee which is very reasonable as you will definitely recover that back with great profit before your contract ends. We will give you full details on how the whole system works, so sit back with your coffee and read on.

Trade Coin Club has been able to prove themselves worthy since they started in 2016 and over 100,000 members are registered with them and using them worldwide. What makes them more awesome is the fact that they hold free, sophisticated live events and webinars for participants to learn more about this platform worldwide and the owners never hid themselves from the public. Also, this is not a high yield investment program that would offer you 30% daily as the earnings are reasonable, not fixed and worth it. The more you trade with, the higher you earn daily. Also, you can monitor the trading software yourself on your trading dashboard to see how the daily trading is going which I believe no human can be as fast as the software does it. I have no idea how, and I sure do not want to know as long as I keep seeing the results. Like they always say, very soon, robots will soon take our jobs.

Now, some of you may start wondering how they make their own money. Like I said initially, it comes with a reasonable contract term fee and they have been able to develop an Auto Trading Software to help themselves as well as the users of this software. Here are pictures explaining in details how they do it;

Also, this Trading Software comes with a fee of 0.05BTC which is deducted on the first day your contract starts. The contract period is within 8 - 12 months depending on the level you are (Your level is determined by the amount you are trading with).

As shown in the picture above, there are presently 3 membership types depending on the amount you are trading with. Find below the full breakdown;

APPRENTICE (0.25 - 0.99BTC)
STOP LOSS: 0.35%

TRADER (1 - 4.99BTC)
STOP LOSS: 0.40%

STOP LOSS: 0.45%

As shown, the more you trade, the longer your contract period. Note that this membership fee is only for this contract period, so after the contract period, you will have to renew. For the stop loss, this is the least you can get as profit from your trading and that is if trading is extremely bad as it is usually within the range of 0.8 - 1.5% profit daily (Remember, it can be lesser and it can be more, depending on how the crypto market is for that day... Experienced traders will understand this better).
Also note that once you get 5 times the trading amount you invested, you will have to renew, even if your contract period is not over. For example; if you are trading with 1BTC and you have earned 5BTC before your contract period ends, you will have to renew your contract if you wish to continue trading.

Now, this is not necessary and you may just decide to use only the trading software, but if you wish to earn more from the system via referrals, then this is for you.

There is 10% direct referral commission for all the membership types (Apprentice - Senior Trader) but you have a limit to what you can get within this membership for Apprentice and Trader. Find details below;

There is also 5 - 10% divided commission up to 7 levels based on your membership as shown below;

You can also earn from their binary system as well as shown below;

You can also earn from bonus residual

You can also earn from renewal team bonus as shown below;

And finally, apart from all these bonus, there is an awesome career plan with huge benefits;

We have added 2 videos below for more information and for more explicit videos to guide you on any information you need regarding Trade Coin Club, kindly visit HERE;

Finally, we cannot really give you all the full gist here but as time goes on once you register and start, you will definitely get use to how the system works. Also, from what you have seen so far, I believe you would have seen a huge prospect and benefits you can derive from the TRADE COIN CLUB software.
Also, do not forget the benefit of 55% referral bonus back we offer, if you register under us. You can complete this registration with us being your sponsor by visiting

Another thing you get for being a part of our team is the guidance you will receive till you complete all the process. After confirmed registration, we will send a PDF to your mail on how to easily go through all the processes you will need to start your trade. Once you have completed your registration under us, kindly comment the following details below or send an email to
  • Username:
  • Trading Amount (Excluding the Software Fee):
  • Date of registration:
Once we confirm and verify your details, your coin will be sent and you will be notified as well. It would be nice if you can also come back to comment once you have received. We will make all transactions as transparent as possible. Please do not drop your emails here to avoid spams on your mail. We will get your email from the platform as your upliner and we will contact you directly before even making any payment so as to confirm your details.

NOTE: Please endeavour to use a very strong password for your account, not only on TCC but where you have your other assets. You can check your password strength HERE.

You will also need a verified ID to be active on the platform. This does not stop you from trading, but not being activated will deprive you from using some certain functions on the platform including withdrawals. This was also done to stop anyone from having multiple accounts which is not permitted on the platform as all the related accounts will be blocked immediately if found.

Also note that trading opens only on Mondays and you should not forget to turn on trading every Monday to start earning. But do not worry, we are always going to be with you all the way so you won't get lost.

Wish you the best as we all earn together!

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